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Security and Compliance

Many times security is just an add-on service. For us it is our focus. Our solutions are designed, implemented and constantly monitored with security at the forefront.

Comprehensive solutions for Security and Compliance from consulting to implementation.

Whether you are seeking assistance with the latest cyber-security questionnaire from the insurance company, or needing a complete solution to meet an industry compliance standard, we have the solution for you.

We have 30 years of experience and we understand not every business needs the same solution. We will analyze your needs and present you with our recommendations based on both our experience and the industry standards for your specific requirements.

We offer a full compliment of security offerings that will protect, monitor, and act upon threats in real time. We treat the security model holistically with solutions that go from end to end. We can protect from where the user interacts with their system all the way to the edge of your network and even reach into the cloud offerings used by so many organizations and provide protections for your cloud services. The best part, the products we use many times have a guarantee that put real money behind their promises and provide remediation or compensation in the event of a breach while using those solutions.

In addition to software and hardware to meet your security needs, we are now offering group training sessions to help users and business leaders understand the layout of today’s threat landscape. While it is a complex map, it is not impossible to navigate and our staff makes it easy to understand. We augment this further by offering various on-going cost-effective security awareness training that can be implemented throughout the year to keep your staff sharp and ready for what they will encounter.

As part of our services we also provide ongoing network scanning, vulnerability scanning, remediation services, and full suite of compliance solutions to get your business on the right track. We staff certified cybersecurity specialists, have experience with HIPAA, PCI, CMMC, as well as standard day-to-day requirements and are ready to help you rest easy when it comes to the security of your business.

If you are uneasy about where your business stands when it comes to the security of your network or computers, give us a call for a free on-site consultation to go over what your concerns are and see how we can help you sleep better at night, knowing your system is guarded against the ever growing threats in the world.

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Why Choose Us?

DNS will help transform your business.  We offer Complete, Scalable, and Secure Managed Services.  Services that support your business as you grow, and keep you safe along the way.  Our premium IT services help you design and implement a mature IT roadmap, to define and support your business critical initiatives.  We are more than just a vendor, we are your partner.

What Do Our Clients Have to Say?

“You are in good hands with DNS”

I know I am always to quick to call with all of my issues; but I just wanted to say thanks again for promptly handling our issue this morning with all the thin clients down in the clinic area. Knowing you are watching over everything gives me great comfort. Something I thought was a small issue could have been a big problem when all the doctors started seeing patients today. As usual you noticed what was wrong and fixed it before any staff or physicians even knew there was an issue. You are all just TOO GREAT for words:-):-):-):-):

(The Allstate commercial has it all wrong – “You are in good hands with DNS”) Thank you, Gayle Edwards Office Manager Richmond Ob-Gyn”

Gayle Edwards

Richmond OB-GYN

"We have been working with DNS since 2017, it is with great comfort knowing that they stand behind their work to fix our issues when needed.  Everyone there is so friendly and wonderful to work with."

Dale Tate

Service Electrical Contractors, Inc.

“I’ve worked with dozens of MSPs throughout my career in IT. From small single-facility MSP support to nationwide, and in my experience, DNS is unmatched when it comes to quality of service, knowledge, and care. In addition, DNS is the most responsive, proactive, and security-minded MSP I’ve ever worked with, and that is critical in the healthcare industry.”

Brent Sessions

Summit Healthcare

Paying a trip fee was no problem for me. DNS solved in 4 hours, what a local company couldn’t resolve in two days [16 hours] (at a rate of $50/hour).

Raymond Campbell

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