Gayle  Edwards, Bon Secours-Richmond OBGyn

“You are in good hands with DNS” I know I am always to quick to call with all of my issues; but I just wanted to say thanks again for promptly handling our issue this morning with all the thin clients down in the clinic area. Knowing you are watching over everything gives me great comfort. Something I thought was a small issue could have been a big problem when all the doctors started seeing patients today. As usual you noticed what was wrong and fixed it before any staff or physicians even knew there was an issue. You are all just TOO GREAT for words:-):-):-):-): (The Allstate commercial has it all wrong – “You are in good hands with DNS”) Thank you, Gayle Edwards Office Manager Richmond Ob-Gyn

Raymond Campbell, Deltaville, VA

Paying a trip fee was no problem for me. DNS solved in four hours (at a rate of $90/hour), what a local company couldn’t resolve in two days [16 hours] (at a rate of $50/hour).

G. Eyely, Richmond OB-GYN

DNS reviewed a $50,000 medical software contract and found $20,000 worth of items we either did not need or were not using. Their fee $500.

Sarah Smith

You all don’t charge enough.

M. O’Tool, Iron Bridge Forensics

I can’t believe I found you all, we couldn’t get anybody to fix our computers. They all said we needed new equipment. You all came in and gave us several alternatives and fixed everything at a reasonable price.